Alice is multifaceted woman, she is everyone, she is one of us!
She is so strong, delicate she is powerful... at the same time she can be soft and feminine!

Alice is my grandma, a sophisticated and a kind woman.  “I remember myself when I was a kid looking for her doing her make-up and putting her jewelry everyday. To me she is the definition of being feminine and that is the feeling I am trying to pass along when I'm creating... and I want you to feel it too when you're using our pieces."

We started on 2017, but before jewelry design turned into a full-time job it was a part-time hobby. I was marketing manager at a Portuguese brand and Mário, my husband, was a photographer... but we had an intention - starting our own business. The sudden success was like a dream come true and I finally left my everyday job.

Alice is a blend of traditional and contemporary. The perfect mix & match of timeless and creative design. Our personalities and soul are in every piece we create, they are handmade and made to order in Portugal.

We also strive to minimize the material waste at our manufacturing, avoid material excess by limiting our inventory or giving them a new life, re-use is the motto.

I haven't introduced myself yet... I'm Catarina, the granddaughter, and the founder of Alice & Co.


Nice to meet you!